Top 10 reasons you need encryption

When you talk about encryption – especially to someone who isn’t a security specialist – you often get a variety of interpretations. In general, encryption is most often perceived as some dark alchemy only used by government agencies with three-letter acronyms – a complex, scary beast that can only be tamed by brilliant mathematicians. More commercial applications like SSL have come a long way in helping to ‘modernize’ this perception, but we still have a way to go. As with any technology, poor implementation can result in poor perception, and encryption has definitely suffered from this in the past.

In reality, if deployed correctly, encryption does not need to be a headache. Instead, encryption can be an enabler to achieve the flexibility, compliance, and data privacy that is required in today’s business environments. In a world that’s increasingly built around virtualization and cloud, the need for encryption is even more important, and the need for organizations to retain control over data, particularly in cloud environments, is paramount. In this paper, we explore 10 common benefits of encryption and show how Entrust DataControl™ uniquely removes the barriers to adopting an encryption solution.

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