Certified encryption key management as a full service


Classification of data and digital assets, encrypting sensitive workloads and secure management of encryption keys are necessary controls that every responsible data owner should apply. Kiisec is helping companies and organizations on this. We are adding value for  data center, capacity and ICT service providers’ product portfolio by offering the root of trust for digital services. Severe problem is that organizations are failing in encryption and key management while data breaches are increasing ever faster. What are the factors causing this challenge?

  • A lack of understanding and unclear responsibilities
  • Overcomplex technology
  • Inadequeate resources and funding
  • Some may think hardware encryption (by HSMs) is obsolete

Kiisec will alleviate your organisational challenges through encryption key management as a full service.  Protecting customers’ data and digital assets is our highest priority. Data is your business and we at Kiisec are helping to ensure your business continuity. Our operations are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and the crypto technology utilized is certified up to FIPS 140-2 level 3. Physical security also matters and our service is produced in premises aligned with Finnish national protection level 3 (increased). Kiisec service is easy to deploy and requires minimum TCO(€).

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How do we secure and protect valuable and sensitive assets and data without impeding digital strategy? 

The deployment of cloud computing services continues to trend upward. As sensitive and valuable assets and data in cloud or multi-cloud environments need to be secured and protected, proficiency in encryption key management will become the most important measure. By treating assets and data sustainably and securely, business continuity and longevity will be improved significantly.

A central encryption key management system for cloud or multi-cloud environments both adds value and provides flexibility for using digital services. Being independent of certain CSP native encryption, you can switch flexibly between different CSPs if necessary. As Kiisec is a pioneer in encryption key management as a full service, we will secure and protect your most valuable and sensitive assets and data by managing the entire encryption key lifecycle.

How can we trust a third party like Kiisec to manage our most critical digital assets, the encryption keys? 

It is important to encrypt sensitive data, true, but to us this is only step one. We see a step two, to safeguard the management of the actual encryption keys. That’s where Kiisec comes in, to secure and protect your most valuable and sensitive assets and data by managing the entire encryption key lifecycle, the generating, using, storing, archiving, and deleting. We are pioneers in encryption key management as a full service, security is our DNA, our encryption key management service will always be precise, transparent, and trustworthy. Kiisec’s key management process is based on NIST and PCI standards and our competent team ensures the security of the process. Security, reliability, and transparency combined with the state-of-the-art technological solution makes this possible.