Kiisec services

We offer your organisation a holistic service to reduce the burden of data protection including: 

Compliance and auditing services 

  • Current state analysis for cryptographic controls 
  • Security audit against requirement frameworks and business needs including the discovery of sensitive data 
  • Security audit reporting presenting the current status of cryptographic controls 
  • Planning and definition of cryptography controls to meet business continuity and compliance requirements 
  • Policy on the use of cryptography controls taking into account information classification 
  • Policy on the key management, including for example key backups, load balancing and high availability requirements

Integration & consulting services 

  • Project management 
  • Project plan for implementation of new cryptographic controls 
  • Execution of the project plan in collaboration with the customer including testing and implementation of new cryptographic controls 
  • Integration of the customer system with key management system and HSM. 

Key management as a service 

  • Managing keys and their life cycle operations using certified state-of-the-art crypto technology combined with secure and transparent processes 
  • Keys secured always using HSMs that locate in certified high security environments  
  • Audit trails and reporting of key life cycle operations to customer  

Use cases for Kiisec’s key management as a service: