Company emails:

CEO & Co-founder

Veli-Pekka Lagerblom​
+358 41 314 3865


Securing critical functions of society has always been close to Veli-Pekka Lagerblom’s heart.

His career began with one-year military service in Finnish defense forces in 1994-95. Guarding a big paper mill, including a role in its fire department, and enrolling in the Finnish Police Academy in Tampere were the next steps.

After a few years in Helsinki’s Police Department, encouraged by the millennium IT hype, Veli-Pekka studied computing. IT security became part of his skillset, which he deployed in different organisations, always on the security frontline.

Veli-Pekka enjoyed leading a great security team in Gemalto/Thales Nordics over the seven and a half years before he launched Kiisec Oy, ensuring the security of many countries’ ID document production and personalisation, as well as payment cards’ personalisation.

The best part for him is always serving customers and gaining their trust. His role in corporate security is best summed as managing security management systems and hosting security audits in a heavily regulated business environment (ISO14298 Intergraf, ISO27001, PCI, Common Criteria and National Security Criterias).

After 23 years in both the public and private sector, and three different degrees (Police Academy, BSc in Computer Engineering, and MSc in Industrial Management), Veli-Pekka is now an entrepreneur who puts his experience in the service of organisations and companies.

Digital revolution will provide many benefits, but there are severe risks that must be managed. Finland, as a stable environment and both a highly-educated and high-tech oriented nation, is an excellent base for providing reliable cyber security services. Finns you can always trust, they say.