The new Finnish cyber security startup has roots in protection of critical activities for societies in Nordic countries for decades. Securing digital services in high security environments is in our DNA and now we are helping companies and organizations to treat their data responsibly and sustainably.

Data is the most valuable raw material on digital era and it must be protected. Kiisec is a modern security company on this revolutionary era. If you lose your data you lose your business. Security is always a combination of multiple controls on different layers against risks. We focus only on encryption and key management which are highly important measures like identity and access management and patch management of infrastructure and application layer.

Secure management of encryption keys is even more critical and important than encryption itself.

Think, it is important to lock the door when leaving from home but if you would leave the key available outside for anyone, locking becomes worthless. Same thing applies with data encryption keys. Data encryption keys must be managed securely by standardized and certified processes and use certified crypto technology.

We know that encryption key management is causing significant organisational challenges. Reasons behind the challenges are shortage of skilled workers, lack on knowledge and unclear responsibilities, IT-infrastructure replacement costs, and the complexity of the encryption technology. Kiisec will alleviate your organisational challenges through encryption key management as a full service.


We ensure each customer maintains business continuity and operation contingency by safeguarding sensitive data, their most valuable assets.

We ensure each customer maintains ownership of sensitive data by securing essential procedures in encryption key management.

We manage encryption key life cycle operations transparently.

Our values

Reliability, expertise, responsibility, trust, respect, and value-centricity are our key values at Kiisec.
We serve our customers with the highest possible standard to ensure their peace of mind.

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