Kiisec is a pioneer in encryption key management as a full service

Amidst mounting IT-illiteracy and inattentiveness, we know that encryption key management is causing significant organisational challenges. Our market analysis shows that a shortage of skilled workers, IT-infrastructure replacement costs, and the complexity of using creative encryption key management solutions is limiting market growth. Kiisec will alleviate your organisational challenges through encryption key management as a full service.


We ensure each customer maintains business continuity and operation contingency by safeguarding sensitive data, their most valuable assets.

We ensure each customer maintains ownership of sensitive data by securing essential procedures in encryption key management.

We manage encryption key life cycle operations transparently.

Our values

Reliability, expertise, responsibility, trust, respect, and value-centricity are our key values at Kiisec.
We serve our customers with the highest possible standard to ensure their peace of mind.

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